Cooking Lessons

We offer a series of different styles of cooking classes to take you further into understanding chef Pierre Sang’s French korean cuisine.
The class is for beginners as well as experienced culinary enthusiasts, as a couple or with a friend, and even alone. Anyone with passion to experience and discover the secrets of the chef, and to enjoy a unique moment in the kitchen are welcome to join us. The kitchen has no borders!

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French or Korean cooking classes

95€ per person (50€ for children)

2h30 hour class with the recipe of the chef.
Followed by lunch at one of our establishments.

Saturdays at 9.30am in French cuisine.

Wednesdays every other week, Saturdays and Sundays at 9:30 a.m. in Korean cuisine.

Cuisine du marché (Cooking class from the market)

190€ per person (80€ for children)

3 hour class that begins with the visit of our neighbor market at 9:30. Along with one of our own chefs, meet the local artisans and merchants and their fresh seasonal products! The class will continue with a unique recipe of the seasonal vegetables and products from the market.
Lunch at our restaurant on Gambey.

Friday starting a 9:20 AM.